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arnica facial washArnica Facial Wash: This mild, non- sensitizing, low foaming facial wash easily removes makeup and other residue, which can add to the skin’s sensitivity. Extracts of arnica and aloe vera offer skin soothing benefits for complexion that cannot tolerate normal cleansing. PH6.5 /6.8oz
Hydra essence tonerHydra Essence Toner: Hydrate irritated and sensitive skin with this unique complex of gentle plant extracts. Soothing and mild, this formula is excellent for complexions made sensitive by the environment or harsh chemicals. Ideal for irritated skin or extremely sensitive skin. PH5.0 /6.8oz
azu zinc smoothing masqueAzu-Zinc Soothing Masque: Introduce moisture into dehydrated, sensitive or irritated skin with this calming and soothing masque. Echinacea, zinc and vitamin K quickly help reduce redness and other signs of irritation while bringing sensitive skin into a healthy balance. PH6.0 /2oz
skin brightening gelSkin Brightening Gel: A gentle skin brightener that uses bearberry, birch bark and licorice extracts to provide superior brightening properties. Vitamin C helps tone and condition the skin. Ideal for skin types with excess pigmentation. PH 7.0 /1oz
skin recovery cremeSkin Recovery Crème: This lightweight hydrating cream is saturated with the ingredients that stressed skin needs to restore balance and moisture. Hypericum and Linden extract help normalize blotchy, irritated and overly sensitive skin. PH6.5 /20z

Instructions for Use

Arnica Facial Wash: Use morning and evening. Apply a small amount to moistened face and neck. Gently massage in a circular motion with wet fingertips and rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

Hydra Essence Toner: Use twice a day on clean skin. Spray on the entire face and neck or apply with a cotton pad.

Azu- Zinc Soothing Masque: Use 1-3 times weekly on irritated skin. Apply a medium thickness on clean skin. Allow 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Follow with toner and moisturizer.

Skin Brightening Gel: Use 2-3 drops morning and evening on excessively pigmented areas. Allow to absorb before applying moisturizer. Always use a sunscreen during the daytime.

Skin Recovery Crème: Use immediately after a thorough cleansing and toning. Apply gently with the fingertips in upward circular motion until the cream disappears into the skin.

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