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Developed by Layla Fayyad 

“Combining the most celebrated properties of Eastern, Western and Holistic Skin Care Philosophies, truly the Best of all Worlds.”

Visage de Layla is the state-of-the-art of skin care.  Designed by a team comprised of an aesthetician, chemist, and dermatologist with a combined century of professional experience, Visage de Layla products represent a holistic fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science to create a customized beauty experience tailored to each individual’s unique skin.

Visage de Layla is the brainchild of Layla Fayyad, a sought-after aesthetician and beauty consultant known for her results-oriented approach to skin care. From a young age she began her passionate pursuit of natural and powerful remedies trained in Paris in “au savoire faire” and influenced by the spiritual art and philosophy of beauty and holistic healing of ancient Persia where she was raised, her products truly are cultivated from a wealth of intense pursuit of true beauty in its purest essence.

Visage de Layla takes beauty care to the next level.  Unlike other products designed and marketed by salesmen without grassroots beauty competence, all Visage de Layla formulations are chemically compatible with one another, and are customizable for every client with the help of trained specialists, to support skin needs which vary with diet, season, environment or use of medications. Visage de Layla products are precisely pH balanced and utilize the latest scientifically validated botanicals and peptide extracts.

Visage de Layla features state-of-the-art emulsion and globally sourced plant extracts, hand-picked from endemic areas for highest quality and potency, and derived with modern extraction techniques that preserve photochemical vitality. Visage de Layla products are manufactured to a standard that is at least 20 times more stringent than required by the FDA.

Visage de Layla is also ecologically responsible.  All ingredients are 100% cruelty-free, packaging is recyclable, and all plant-based ingredients are non-GMO and come from renewable resources.  No mineral oil or petrolatum phosphates, crude lanolin, isopropyl myristate, formaldehyde or any known sensitizing agents or carcinogens are ever used.  As a result, Visage de Layla products have a rare longevity that will enable consumers to establish a long-term relationship with the Visage de Layla brand.

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