Self Indulgence Packages

Visage Pure Deep Cleansing FacialVisage Pure Deep Cleansing Facial

This cleansing facial is designed to tone and gently exfoliate your skin with dramatic results. Using an enzyme peel customized for your skin type, as well as acupressure and extraction, we cleanse your skin of dirt and debris. We then apply a pore-minimizing mask and relax you with a massage for the face neck, and décolleté. Next, a light protective day cream will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Treatment Time: 60 minutes – $120.00


Nourishing FacialVisage Replenish Vitamin Nourishing Facial

Pamper your thirsty skin and dramatically improve its tone and texture with this replenishing vitamin facial. We cleanse, gently exfoliate, and use pressure points to promote detoxification. Then we apply a nourishing mask of antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, and E. This rich blend counteracts the damaging effects of the sun, stress, and pollution, to leave you feeling refreshed and protected.

Treatment Time: 60 minutes – $115.00


Aroma Spa Leg Treatment – PressothreaphyAroma Spa Leg Treatment – Pressothreaphy

For immediate leg comfort, pressothreaphy is the most advanced therapeutic body wrap technology and progressive lymphatic drainage system available. Builds on the benefits of massage by increasing the flow of blood in the tissues, lessening capillary distention, encouraging lymphatic drainage to alleviate swelling of the leg, and improving the look of cellulite. This treatment can be incorporated to any facial treatment.
Treatment Time: 45 minutes – $95.00

Ear ConingEar Coning

How would you like to clear up your sinus problems and allergies with no side effects? Ear coning is a technique used by the ancient Atlanteans, Egyptians, Mayans and Tibetans. A hollow candle that tapers at one end fits into the ear. The opposite end is set to flame creating a vacuum that cleanses residues out of the ear, such as excessive ear wax and bacteria. Added benefits are, Detox of Sinuses, Improves Hearing, Detox of Lymph System, sharpening of all Senses, Improve Balance, Ease Headaches, Ease Ringing in Ears.
Treatment Time: 45 minutes – $90.00

What we love

*Enjoy an unparalleled relaxation.

*All Treatments are carefully researched and developed to meet an entire spectrum of wellness needs.


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