“I’ve known Layla for over 15 years and have never been disappointed in her services and products. She is a knowledgeable and punctual professional, who always uses the best quality and top of the line products. Just enjoy her services once and I promise you’ll never go somewhere else. Thank you Layla for the fantastic job you do for us!”

-Farsheed (N. W. Los Angeles, CA)

“I have been going to Visage de Layla for years and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. I sometimes visited other salons on trips or just due to location and always regretted it. Visiting other places I realized how spoiled I was with Layla, she is quick, efficient and sensitive to your needs, she knows exactly how to make even a painful waxing experience fun and the pain completely tolerable. I have even brought friends over to get a wax and all of them having come from other waxing salons couldn’t believe how fast and painless the experience could be when done properly and by an expert. She offers a variety of other services and even though I haven’t tried them yet I know that any experience with Layla can only be good!!!”

-Sheyda (W. LA)

“I have used Visage de Layla’s services for the past 14 years. Her services are super and I have been extremely happy with her punctuality, and quality of service. I truly recommend her. Her technique of waxing is amazing and completely without any discomfort of any kind.
Layla is the consummate professional, always great.”

-Fiora (Malibu, CA)


“I’m Armenian and have some serious back-hair issues. After my first visit, my condition immediately improved thanks to Layla’s expert methods. My skin is no longer irritated after the procedure. Her care products really did the trick for me and I’ve had these epidermal issues most of my life. Visage De Layla has worked its magic on me. Visage de Layla men’s skin care products took the pain out of waxing. Layla has the lightest touch and is the consummate professional. With only her client’s welfare in mind, she expertly dispels any and all discomforts and anxieties with her deft and professional methods of care. My skin is calm, clean and refreshed after her treatments.”

-Bob M. (Riverside, CA)

“I have been a client of Visage de Layla for almost two years. I visit the spa once a month for a facial. It took me a long time and lots of trial and error to find such a wonderful place with such great service. The experience is relaxing and pleasant in surroundings that are calm, serene and almost spiritual. The results are amazing…. my face looks great! I am also a fan of the products available at the spa. I currently use Visage de Layla “Replenish System” a daily cleanser, toner, day and night moisturizers and “Liquid Gold”.”

-Sandy M. (Marina del Rey, CA)

“I have been enjoying going to Layla not only for her excellent services, but her fresh product. It is amazing to see what happens to the skin after her special facials, anyone who sees me comment on my glowing skin, I have been using Layla’s products for more than ten years, she gets it, she changes my skin care according to the weather and my traveling and as my friends say, I look “marvelous” and ten years younger, so what are you all waiting for?”

-Manijeh F. (Bel Air, California)


“I have been going to Visage De Layla for Spray Tan, Facials, Peels, Microdermabrasions and for her products for over 15 Years. I keep coming back due to the integrity of her treatments and products; quality products that deliver what they promise. My skin is doing great now. It is moist, free of any spots, and the wrinkles are minimized to near invisibility.
I have used many of Layla’s products, which are appropriate for my skin type. All of my age related issues have been mitigated by her professional and effective treatments.”

-Karen K (LA, Colorado, New York City)

“I have been a loyal client of Ms. Fayyad’s for over 20 years for Facials, Waxing and her wonderful products. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Layla has a thorough knowledge of skin types and how to treat them and she is very knowledgeable about all things to do with Beauty treatments. Her approach is the most service oriented I have ever experienced. Layla is the gentlest, most loving and caring practitioners. Excellent!!! Is the only way to describe my sessions with her.”

-Vahe Shaghzo (Beverly Hills, CA)

Result: “I absolutely would recommend Visage de Layla for anyone who wants the best skin and waxing services in town! I have been seeing Layla for over 10 years and have never had a bad experience. Not only do you get the best facials with visible results the next day, you also get great advice on what’s working and not working in your skin care regime. Her products are amazing and I would never use anything else. The advice is priceless. Her waxes are almost completely painless and so quick and efficient. She only uses the best products which is a huge plus (especially for waxing). Visage de Layla is my waxing and skin care guru. I would never trust anyone else.”

I have used the Lip Treatment and I am completely obsessed with it. It moisturizes my lips and gives a nice plump which is better than getting injections. Not to mention, it even tastes good and makes you feel so fresh! Love it! I would order it by the truck load if I could.

-Sahar W., Los Angeles, CA.

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