Visage de Layla was created in 1983 who had a passion for botany. Pioneers in aromatherapy and Phytotherapy, Layla Fayyad establish the Visage de Layla brand, with a rich body of ancestral and empiric knowledge  which she shares at the time only with a very few scientists, chemists and physicians.

At first, they focus on the subtle aromas of the plants and their essential oils charged with solar energy. She  experiments on herself and her relatives the many therapeutic benefits essential oils offer purifying, healing, psychotropic…

Her researches lead her to a major breakthrough: the « Quintessence », a unique blend of 5 essential oils, all issued from the Mediterranean, and which becomes the cornerstone of her future skin care range.

As of 1983, Layla Fayyad lead the company, giving a new international impulse to the brand notably in the United-States. Today, Visage de Layla is present in, spa and aesthetic industry.

The « Phyto » treatments are considered household remedies, and this is the golden age of chemistry. Nobody talks about botanicals. Yet, with a passion for plants and aromatherapy, Layla Fayyad go against the trend and create the Visage de Layla brand.

Their research explores the subtle aromas of the plants, their essential oils charged with solar energy. This is how she uncover the Quintessence, a synergetic blend of five essential oils which will become the DNA of her Phyto-aromatic brand « Visage de Layla » 

She experiments its therapeutic benefits on herself and their relatives and soon appear to be pioneers in the field of aromatherapy. Their first developments, with medical purpose, are intended for physiotherapists.

The product range is growing. Visage de Layla turns to the aestheticians and soon becomes the « medication of the skin » according to its clients.

First step in the history of the brand.

Researchers add the actives of the totem of the plant to aromatherapy, the therapy based upon essential oils. New synergies appear. The creative concept evolves to become the integrated Phyto-aromatherapy and is immediately very successful. Not only are the professionals seduced but they are also convinced by the efficacy, the power of the rebalancing aromas, the immediate results when performing the treatments, and the customer’s experience. At this point the Visage de Layla products are only available in USA.

Layla Fayyad an aesthetician; who advance her education in art of healing, aromatherapy and a passion for psychology and quantum physics and beyond her spiritual path a complementarity that brings a whole new scope to the brand: the art of touch. With the creation of holistic treatments Visage de Layla sets again a new trend in its field.

Visage de Layla completes its range with new promising actives: the fruit acids (AHA), even though they are unknown at the time.

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