The Founder

“Beauty is strength, it is charm, it is above all a personal attitude, a spiritual quality”
—Layla Fayyad

Layla Fayyad is known for her profound insight into the art of beauty activation, through a results-oriented approach to Skincare & Age Management. For over three decades, she has been a practicing esthetician and practitioner of the esoteric and healings arts, with advanced-level training in the areas of Chinese Meridian Therapy, chemistry and biological science; including Eastern Therapies and Western Holistic applications. She has her PhD in  psychology , mastery in ( Complementary Medicine) and quantum physics.

Throughout her career, Layla has worked with dermatologists and plastic surgeons to learn the latest techniques and technologies in skin care. With a team of physicians and chemists, she has combined the newest scientific advances with the botanical, mineral and marine ingredients that have proven themselves over centuries.

In addition to her on-going client treatment work, Layla is a sought-after skincare product and spa consultant, lecturer and media spokesperson in the areas of Beauty, Skincare and overall techniques of Health & Wellness.

Now with over 30 years of beauty industry experience, Layla currently finds herself positioned on the cutting-edge of esoteric treatment techniques and skincare-product alchemy. Through a unique blend of science and art, Layla Fayyad’s Skincare has evolved into the one-stop destination for beauty seekers of all ages. With her West Coast center located in Los Angeles, Layla’s services an international client base, via customized skincare treatments, hands-on consultations and specialized product which developed by her called “Visage de Layla”.

Known for her innovative approach to Skincare & Age Management, Layla’s palette of beauty offerings includes skin analysis and cleansing, facial contouring, pre and post plastic surgery applications, anti-aging and stress treatments, as well as several organic and herbal masks and peels. Layla Fayyad continues to provide services to a broad range of mainstream and celebrity clientele and has been featured in media and publications including Allure, Angelino, CBS, FOX and many more.

 “Beauty doesn’t need ornaments. Softness can’t bear the weight of ornaments.”


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