There is more to fashion week than just “fashion”, there are useful beauty lessons from fashion week that can be learned if you are keen enough. Here is a look at five of those lessons:

1)How to avoid Sausage curls: According to James Pecis a hairstylist for Hot Tools and Phyto, you can use a curling iron to achieve a flat S wave, by turning the curling iron left and right down the length of your hair. This motion will create lovely bends like those he did on Maria Cornejo during fashion week.

2) How to get that ‘tight line’: By using a pencil liner you can make your lashes pop out and achieve a perfect tight line. “Instead of pulling your lower eyelashes down, try and put your elbow on a steady surface when “eye lining”,  this is according to Emi Kaneko who is renowned for designing the teenage, rebellious black liner look of Adam Selman.

3) A different type of ponytail :  one of the useful beauty lessons from fashion week is on how to vary up the traditional ponytail by wrapping a black velvet ribbon on the length of the ponytail; this style gives a romantic and graphic statement.

4) An upscale version of the topsy tail: Anthony Turner revamped the topsy tail and made it look even more sophisticated at fashion week; by splitting the model’s hair into two parts, and then rolled the sides away from the face and secured the hair around the nape of the neck.

5) Glittery look: At the opening ceremony of fashion week, a few models were bathed in glitter to develop a blurred motion look. Yadim a makeup artist from Maybelline, brushed a moisturizer on the model’s face (in the shape he wanted to achieve), and then he layered on lotion and brushed the glitter on the model’s face using a fluffy brush.


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