Freckled faced ladies can now rejoice, because we’ve collected some pretty makeup tips for you to check out that won’t hide, but enhance your natural beauty. Freckles are a pretty and unique trait and we are here to teach you how to show off your sun-kissed dots!

  • The pouty red lip

With fairly neutral makeup, nothing will help you make a statement and turn heads than bold red lips.

  • Go light on your foundation

Heavy foundations can make your freckles look hideously gray. Go instead with a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream that will do even everything out, leaving your freckles looking beautifully sun-kissed.

  • Only conceal when you have to

Use spot treatment when using concealer so you don’t end up with patched skin. Only use it when you need to conceal a particular spot.

  • Ever used bronzer?

You are naturally blessed with a beautiful sun-kissed glow, why not enhance it with a light touch of bronzer? Apply bronzer on your forehead, around your eyes, cheek, and jawline for the perfect look.

  • Blush is always best!

A coral or peach color on your cheeks will make your strong facial features pop naturally.


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