When we say “aging” your skin, we really mean “damaging” your skin.  After all, wrinkles are caused by time, but also by not protecting your skin from the sun, free radicals, and other damaging elements.   You are at your most beautiful when you take steps to keep yourself healthy, which means beauty can come in all ages, shapes and sizes.   Keep yourself looking your best with these tips.

The Problem – Too Much Sun:  We all know that too much sun can be bad for you!  Ultra violet rays can burn you and cause fine lines and wrinkles.  Constant abuse can even lead to skin cancer!

The Solution:  We don’t want to keep you totally away from the sun.  The sun provides vitamin D, which helps with calcium absorption, inflammation reduction, promotes cell growth, and improves your mood.  To block out the harmful rays, wear sunscreen EVERY DAY.  We can’t emphasize this enough!

For a handy guide on how to select a sunscreen/sunblock go here:  http://www.visagedelayla.com/beauty-blog/a-quick-and-easy-guide-to-summer-skin-protection/

The Problem – Free Radicals:  There are a lot of misconceptions about what free radicals are.  In a nutshell, free radicals are when there are odd, unpaired electrons (tiny particles of an atom that help bind it to other atoms) in a molecule (a grouping of atoms that form a chemical).  That means the atoms have a weak bond and, in order to try to be stable, they grab onto the next molecule’s electron, which makes that molecule a free radical.  This chain reaction keeps going until it can sometimes damage a living cell.  Not all free radicals are bad (like the kinds your body uses to fight viruses), however, the ones that age your skin are definitely not good.  This includes pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, and other nasty things that damage our skin’s health.

The Solution:  Antioxidants!  Get your fill of vitamin E from wheat germ (sprinkle it on your yogurt), almonds, peanut butter, olive oil, spinach, and mangos!  Introduce some more vitamin C into your diet by eating fresh oranges and other citrus fruits, guava, red and green sweet peppers, Brussels sprouts, and strawberries!

Picky eater?  Here’s a longer list of antioxidant-filled fruits and veggies, so you’re sure to find something you like:


The Problem – Under-Nourished Skin:  Your skin can show age from being too dry or undernourished.  Cellular debris, pollution, dirt, and make up that wasn’t washed off properly can all contribute to this as well.  Maybe you’re just starting to see fine lines and wrinkles or maybe you’ve been seeing them for a while…and they’re not going away.

The Solution:  Start your skin regimen now!  Even if you are younger and don’t quite have deep set wrinkles, you should think of it as a preventative measure.   Not only will you improve the look of your skin now if you start keeping it moisturized and nourished, but you are ensuring that your future skin will look healthier too.  Make sure you are treating your skin to the proper balance of moisture, nutrients, and exfoliating agents.

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What is your skin regimen?  Does it include a daily routine?  Let us know in the comments!

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