It seems that we hear about so many new beauty tips from week to week, but these 5 actually useful beauty lessons from fashion week really could make a difference.

Useful Beauty Lessons

Getting Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep after we age or enter menopause can enhance the look of dark circles and make skin appear puffy and lifeless. Avoid stimulants before bed and establish a sleeping routine.

Applying Sunscreen

Thoroughly coat your skin with sunscreen, and make sure you reapply every couple of hours on the face, lips, chest, ears and hands.

Signs of Aging

Ignoring signs of aging won’t make wrinkles and crow’s feet go away. Tackle wrinkles head on by applying high quality skin care products.

Less Botox Is Better

Due to thinner muscles as we go into the aging process, it requires less quantities of Botox to achieve the same affects. Therefore, less is better.

Miracle Creams

So many women choose skin products based on the brand or by the price. Many assume the more the product costs, the better it will work. However, that’s not always the case. Before purchasing products, look for helpful skin care ingredients that really do moisturize and improve the skin.


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