Why These Beauty Tricks Aren’t Just for Women

They say the average man spends 20 minutes grooming himself every morning, which is roughly seven minutes less than the average woman. Guys like to joke about how long it takes women to get ready in the morning, but there might very well be something to those extra seven minutes. Since grooming and taking the time to look one’s best isn’t limited to women, here are some beauty tricks men should steal from women.

Wash Off Beauty Products At Night

Women who wear makeup regularly know that they should wash their faces every night to keep their pores from becoming clogged by their beauty products, but this doesn’t always occur to men. While most American men don’t wear makeup, they do use hair products such as gel and sculpting pastes. These can clog one’s pores just as easily as any makeup, so men who use them should wash them from their hair and foreheads every night.


Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and gives you healthier as well as younger-looking skin. Your average man may not worry about this as much as women, but it’s a great way to ensure that a man looks his best before any special occasion.


This re-energizing face and body cleanser dissolves dirt and excess oils, leaving skin clean without dryness. Includes saw palmetto extract and the moisturizing goodness of Aloe Vera. Perfect any time you need to feel recharged and refreshed, this product is a necessity for your routine skincare.

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