You’ve got the perfect bridal gown and all of the accessories down pat (think headpiece, heels, clutch and jewelry). Next in line is your beauty regime. You still want to look like you, but with a little more slick and polish. The bride should be the most beautiful person in the room and you can achieve this with careful planning.


If your skin tone can handle it, a fake tan is a good way to give you a sun-kissed glow on your special day – just steer clear of the dreaded orange look. To avoid patchy, uneven-colored skin, perhaps head to a professional, rather than doing it yourself. Get airbrushed one to two days before your special event, so the color has time to bond to your skin. Invest in a tan remover product, in case the color is a little strong in some areas. Always make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your body well following a spray tan.

Hair Removal

Before tanning, you’ll need to remove any unwanted hair. Waxing is a good way to avoid the nicks and cuts associated with shaving and will leave your skin soft, smooth and stubble-free. If you have never had a wax strip wielded before you in your life, then head to a salon a month or so before the wedding just in case you have any nasty reactions.

If it’s all smooth sailing, then book in for a full leg and bikini wax one week before the big day. This should ensure any unsightly red splotches or skin irritations can calm down before the nuptials. Your brows and upper lip should also be tidied up at least a week before you wed. Not keen on waxing? There are other options such as tweezing, laser hair removal and depilatories, but ensure that there is sufficient time between the treatment and your special day.


Avoid having a facial done the day before your wedding – it’s best to leave at least 48 hours between a treatment and your nuptials. Further, if facials are a new thing for you, it’s best to have monthly facials starting at least three months prior to your wedding to prep your skin for it. Opt for a facial that suits your skin type (oily or dry) and consider a “back facial” if you’re wearing a backless number. You want to look perfect front and back when gliding down the aisle.


Hand and foot treatments are the one thing you can get away with doing a little last-minute. A manicure and pedicure on the day before your wedding will help it stay fresh-looking and chip-free. As well as a slick of color, deluxe salon versions can also include exfoliation, buffing to remove dry skin, and cuticle trimming. And, for long-lasting color, make sure a clear base coat, polish color and clear top are applied.

Beauty Tips and Blunders to Avoid

  • Don’t try a beauty look that is totally out-of-character on your wedding day, such as trying to emulate a celebrity or trialing a fad (such as really thin eyebrows). You will look more relaxed – and timeless – if you stick with what suits you.
  • Avoid trying a treatment for the first time just a few days before your wedding. Beauty trials are the best way to see what works for you in the lead-up and can help avoid unnecessary stress on the day.
  • Pack a beauty emergency kit, including baby wipes, a nail file and more, so minor blunders won’t put a dent in your day.
  • Smile – and breathe. No amount of make-up or beautifying will have you looking happy and relaxed. You have to feel that.
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