According to beauty experts, when deciding on the best make-up, it’s always best to  base your choices on some key facial features, including some quick tips provided below:

Facial Structure – To add width to longer faces, apply the blush to the lower part of your cheek bone, then apply the bronzer underneath the blush for a fuller look.

Eye Color – Avoid using colors that are the same color as your eyes, but use colors that bring out your natural eye color. For example,

  • Dark brown eyes are enhanced with bronze eye colors
  • Green or hazel eyes are enhanced with warm neutral colors –they bring out the different colors in the eyes.
  • Blue eyes pop when lined with a black ebony eyeliner, on and beneath the eyelids’

 Hair Color is also a factor when selecting the best make up for your face. For example,

  • dark brown hair works well with bold colors
  • Brunettes look great with vibrant hues such as reds, burgundies, plums or metallic colors.
  • Black hair is well complemented with smoky shades of navy or charcoal eye colors, and the lips and cheeks pop when pink shades are worn.
  • Blond hair can be played up when the light, golden tones are complemented with shades of pink, gold, peach, or champagne.
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