Have you ever rushed through your beauty routine, making mistakes because you were rushing to get it done and then having to take extra time to fix the mess?

Nobody likes rushing through their beauty routine and feeling stressed out for work before they even walk through the door, yet it’s a common problem for many working women. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix that you may have never even considered.

Do Half of Your Morning Routine In The Evening

You can effectively shave an hour off of your morning routine by getting more things done the night before – when there’s plenty of time and zero pressure – instead of waiting to do them right before rushing out the door.

Many women wait until morning to shower, decide what to eat for breakfast, to pack their lunch and to pick out their outfit, shoes and accessories before heading to work or school. But those things can all be done ahead of time, saving you an hour or more and making your beauty routine easier, stress-free and more effective.

It’s So Easy and Relaxing

Take an hour at night to try out several tops and bottoms with shoes and accessories to get the exact look you want for the next day.

If you’re more ambitious, or if taking time at night just doesn’t work for you, then you can give yourself a mini fashion show on Saturday or Sunday when there’s nothing else going on at home. Lay out five full outfits – complete with shoes and accessories – for the week ahead, and just watch how much easier your morning beauty routine goes!

And of course, you can apply the same idea to prepping easy meals for breakfast and lunch.

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