Let us face the tough reality; nobody wants to have a hairy body. How can one get rid of unwanted hair permanently? Here are a few helpful tips.

 Laser hair removal

It is a technique that uses a light beam to damage the follicles. Additionally, it slows hair re-growth without stopping the actual hair growth. For better results, have follow-up hair laser treatments annually.

Waxing, Tweezing, Threading, shaving and sugaring

The techniques do not remove the hair permanently. Waxing stops hair re-growth for a month. Eventually, the hair will grow back again. Hair growth and re-growth will depend on the scarcity and abundance of the hair region.

Sugar, lemon and honey solution

The three ingredients are readily available in our kitchen cabinets. Mix a tablespoon of each ingredient and slowly heat it over a double boiler. If it appears too thick, add a little water.

Apply the wax to the skin. Use a waxing strip to rip off the hair. It works like the regular wax.


It is a topical cream that is FDA-approved. It inhibits and reduces the unwanted growth of facial hair. It contains an enzyme that inhibits cell functions related to hair growth and reproduction. Apply the cream twice daily on the affected areas. Results are visible in 4-8 weeks.


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