If you’ve been reading this, you know that nothing in life is random and that everything has purpose and meaning. This includes illness. When we get sick, it’s not because of bad luck. We believe that life is a classroom where we are to evolve and grow spiritually through every experience, regardless of whether we perceive an event as positive or negative. Healing lessons are passed to us with each illness we suffer. Everything that happens helps shape us with equal measure, but it’s our subjective perception of each situation that adds joy or suffering to our experience, not the event itself.

Healing Lessons of the Monarch Butterfly

Recently, biologists at Emory University were conducting an experiment with monarch butterflies that had been infected with a parasite that damaged their bodies and sometimes their wings, limiting their ability to fly. Monarchs exclusively eat milkweed of which some species is toxic. The researchers placed an equal number of toxic and non-toxic milkweed plants in an enclosure with monarch butterflies that all suffered from a parasite infection. What the researchers found amazed them. When given a choice, the sick butterflies would choose to lay their eggs on the toxic milkweed 68% of the time. While the butterflies weren’t trying to cure their present condition, they were giving their larvae and future generations a chance to absorb massive amounts of toxins from the milkweed as they feasted on it. By absorbing the plant toxins into their larval tissue, these future butterflies would be much more immune to parasite infection and protected from other predators like amphibians and birds.

It’s interesting that butterflies self-medicate by laying their eggs on a toxic plant. In doing so, the following generations are actually healthier and better protected. How might our perspective change if we could look at our illnesses in the same way? Perhaps we, as students in the Earth School of soul development, are also placed in the perfect toxic environment for the lessons we need to learn from time to time. In a homeopathic sense, the toxin is the cure where we must take it upon ourselves to experience wholeness and healing.

It is only when we go inward to examine the psycho-spiritual cause for which the dis-ease is only a physical metaphor that we receive its protective and healing powers.

It’s difficult but necessary to practice non-judgment when going through a health challenge. To resist the situation or see it as an adversary that we must fight prevents us from absorbing and incorporating the healing gifts it has come to bring us. It is only when we go inward to examine the psycho-spiritual cause for which the dis-ease is only a physical metaphor that we receive its protective and healing powers. Once the unconscious emotional issue is resolved, the physical dis-ease follows shortly thereafter because there is no underlying negative energy to sustain it any longer. Like the healing lessons of the butterflies, the psycho-spiritual realizations left behind by the illness are our inoculation against ever experiencing that kind of dis-ease again. We are made whole by taking on what we see as the toxic situations of our lives, not rejecting them. They are the lessons we are here to learn and in doing so, our lives become an even greater experience of freedom and beauty, just like the monarch.

Light & Love in the Month Ahead and wishing you a spiritual awakening.

Layla Fayyad

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