Hibiscus flowers are like a hidden health treasure. It’s obvious to everyone that hibiscus is a beautiful, lovely smelling flower, and the bright pink hues are hard to miss. What not everyone knows is the endless health benefits that come from drinking hibiscus tea and applying the petals to your skin and hair. Check out these amazing perks for your body, skin and hair:

Body: Hibiscus a natural cure for a cold or the flu, soothing your body and cooling it down. Its richness in Vitamin C can boost your energy and increase your metabolism, and it’s perfect for healing a sore throat.

Hair: The natural oils in hibiscus make a great hair moisturizer and strengthener. The flower has been used for millenniums as a natural hair dye and shine. It can even be added to your shampoo for quick, easy use!

Skin: Believe it or not, hibiscus can even fight acne outbreaks. Just grind it up, mix it with honey, and smooth it across your face and skin. The flower also contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which exfoliate your skin, leaving it moisturized and flexible. Because of this, some people call it the “botox plant.”

Besides all the health reasons to try it out, hibiscus has a gorgeous, natural smell and could work as a great perfume! Just look up a few quick hibiscus recipes, and you’re all set for a healthy body, amazing hair and beautiful skin!

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