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For most of the baby boomer generation, ages forty to sixty five, the effects of aging and the desire to slow the signs of aging are ever increasing. Some undergo a very steep decline where they feel pre-maturely aged and some are blessed with slower aging symptoms and age more gracefully. Recent studies show it is not all in the genetics, but combinations of one’s actions taken for both health and well being. We consider it our responsibility to provide you with both education and services to assist your anti-aging decisions. Our medical procedures and products are aimed at making you look healthy, not only to slow the aging process but to treat any previous conditions. It is not only our experience that takes us a step above, but also the latest medical advances tailored for each of your specific needs. This allows us to deliver more significant results. Being placed in professional hands that really do care about YOU and your results makes slowing the aging signs much easier to accomplish.

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The buzzword in anti-aging is that antioxidants are the base for preventative and corrective products. Antioxidants are substances that act as scavengers of oxygen-free radicals, the unstable particles that can damage cells and which are implicated in sun damage and even skin cancers. Antioxidants in the skin are depleted when exposed to sunlight and must be replaced. Each antioxidant treatment or product targets specific components of the cells in your skin. They may help reduce the risk of wrinkles and protect against sun damage. Unlike sunscreens, they accumulate in the skin and are not washed away, so the protection may last. The antioxidants marketed for skin protection include vitamins A, C, E, selenium, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and alpha-lipoic acid. Our responsibility is to nourish and protect your skin and fight the aging process. Your responsibility is to give your body the antioxidants it needs internally by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and also taking your daily supplements.

Move closer to your love

Signs of the times are showing that more men and women are truly paying attention to their looks. In the last few years, men’s increased awareness of their appearance has raised the services and maintenance percentage 38% and women have topped the percentage gain by 72%. What men are looking for are services and products that are simple, strong, that offer easy results. What women are looking for is access to education with options to allow them to make the best decisions, and we offer it all. So, move closer to the love in your life and pay attention to what they truly want. Buy the gift that will give the results truly desired.

The Agging effect of Sleep Disorders

Esteem involves loving respect and dignified caring. We come into the world with “self”; and it follows us through life. The basic elements of self-esteem start with trust. We learn to trust ourselves and in others. SELF-NURTURING is born of trust. We learn how to be caretakers of ourselves. Self-nurturing is an essential ingredient of self-esteem. AUTONOMY comes from mastery. We separate ourselves from others, yet retain vital connections. We begin to know who we are, but self-esteem undergoes many changes. INTIMACY develops from identity and the need for connection. We yearn to lose ourselves in love and yet we need to retain our own separate essence. Healthy self-esteem involves all of the basic elements. If we lose these characteristics, there is a significant absence of self-esteem. A higher level of self-esteem can be achieved. Simply determine your personal attributes, positive things about your physical, mental and emotional self such as the way you look at your personal image, your mind and emotions. Focus on your accomplishments. Congratulate yourself for achievements, however big or small. Examine strategies and objectives which may have to be revised in order to succeed. Refuse to deal with self-defeating patterns. Nurture yourself. Consultations help you go over your desired results and review the best options available. The way you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror is not always vanity, but simply self-esteem.

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