Look like you spent a million on a budget with these money saving men’s grooming tips. For example, buying cleansers that do double duty such as cleansing and toning or cleansing and moisturizing means purchasing one product instead of two. Not only can you find these multi-function products for skin care, there are many shampoos that are formulated as shampoo and conditioner in one. Another money saving tip is less is more. Often we use much more product than needed. Start with a dime sized amount. If you need more, raise it by a dime, but many men find that a dime sized amount of shampoo and facial cleanser is plenty. This goes for moisturizer too. Using more won’t make your skin softer, it’s just a waste of product.

Shop by ingredients and not by brand. While you may swear by your higher priced brand, it might surprise you to see that a lower priced generic has the exact same ingredients you are currently using. Give the generics a try, you will save money and may just find you are happier with the less expensive brand. Out of shaving cream? No problem, coconut oil is a little known money saving men’s grooming tip.

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