This has been a really hot, sunny summer and we feel it’s our duty to keep you informed on as much information regarding protection from harmful UV rays as possible. A new study from Italian researchers at the Universita Politecnica delle Marche found that adding strawberry extract to human skin cells helped keep those cells from being damaged at the DNA level from UV rays. Not bad, considering strawberries are also good for you when you eat them too!

This new finding got us thinking…if there is one natural remedy to help protect you from the sun, what else is out there? Our answer was easily found. Foods high in catechins ( a natural phenol and antioxidant) offer more protection from UV rays. Catechins not only reduce free radicals like a good antioxidant should, but they affect the DNA process in a way that reduces oxidative stress. The darker the fruit or vegetable, the more catechins are present. And is it just coincidence that catechin-rich foods, such as blueberries, strawberries, and leafy green vegetables are more available when the sun is in the sky longer? Could this be the skin protection of our ancestors? Is the accessibility to fruits and veggies out of season a detriment to our skin health?

We’re posing questions that have been debated for years. There has been much controversy as to what is the healthiest way to eat – in season produce only or reaping the benefits from a variety of imported fruits and veggies being available at a grocery store near you whenever you have a whim to eat them. Some say that the most natural way to eat is to not only keep the season in mind, but also what produce is available to you regionally.

Whatever school of thought you subscribe to, most research points towards eating your fruits and veggies regardless of trends. Whether you believe this new study or not, it’s just adding one more reason to the overwhelming evidence for keeping your diet full of produce.

How do you protect yourself from the sun? Does diet have a factor?

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