It may sound like a medical procedure straight out of a science fiction movie—and spa clients may be initially turned off by its unglam name, but once they discover the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage, they’re hooked. Benefits of lymphatic drainage range from a decrease in facial puffiness and a boost in immune function to a smoothing of cellulite and a soothing of muscle soreness. After spa-goers have had a lymphatic drainage massage, they may never go back to a regular massage again! 

Pressotherapy or Lymphatic Massage, works to improve circulation, and compliment to other treatments which helps eliminate toxins, cellulite, varicose veins and achieves body contouring/ slimming. Pressotherapy is great for problems such as water retention and getting the perfect lymphatic drainage, through which accumulated toxins and fat can be eliminated. A body suit is worn in which compressed air is pumped, causing the suit to expand in waves, from the toes upwards, thus stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Through effective lymphatic drainage, pressotherapy helps to promote the body’s natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissues help to slim and redefine the legs, buttocks, stomach, legs, arms and abdomen. You will also feel more energized.

How Can Pressotherapy Help Me?

  • Reduce and Eliminate Cellulite at any stage
  • Weight Loss
  • A safe alternative to liposuction for Slimming and Detoxifying
  • Body shaping for Tone and Definition
  • Stiffness in Legs; heavy tired and achy legs/feet
  • Increase Energy and combat Fatigue/Depression
  • Relief of Pain and Swelling
  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Spider Veins
  • Redefine your Legs, Stomach, and Arms
  • Increase Endurance and Oxygenation for Sport Performance

“I feel like I have finished a yoga class after my pressotherapy session. I am so relaxed and rejuvenated” Mary N.

How Is Pressotherapy Done?

You will lie comfortably on a bed. Depending upon the area of application, the whole body or an area in question, specific suits are put on you: long boots for the legs, a wide belt for abdomen and hips, long gloves for arms. The pressotherapy suit is connected to air supplies, through a computer, which controls a compressed air feed to the suit. The air circulating in the suit effectively impacts the problem body areas, eliminating cellulite, swelling, and stimulating metabolism and blood flow. This effect is achieved by an accurately measured high and low-pressure alternation.

Pressothreaphy is performed with an advanced 3 in 1 body press massage slimming system ensuring a highly effective procedure. Our equipment operates in various modes allowing us to select the program that effectively meets your needs and goals. Pressotherapy is conducted under strict control by an experienced therapist to guarantee the absolute safety and results. The duration of a procedure is approximately 45 minutes. The treatment course includes 10 to 15 sessions. The sessions are scheduled every 2 or 3 days. If necessary, the course is repeated in 5 or 6 months. Often people enjoy the energy boost and health benefits, and choose to continue pressotherapy on a monthly basis to maintain their results.


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