Hi all, Layla here.  One question I always get is, “how can I look younger?.”  Although my clientele is diverse in age, ranging from young men and women with barely a wrinkle to speak of, to men and women with a timeline of smiles, frowns, sun, and years of experience written all over their faces;  they all have the same question.  My philosophy has always been to look your best at any age.  I always say that there is a point of view in every product I make and when it comes to my Youth Enhancing Kit, my philosophy is that healthy skin is not reserved for any age group, but essential for every age group.  You may have a line or two on your face, but that is beautiful if the skin is healthy.

However, I know that you want to target those wrinkles and not only promote your own good skin health, but reduce some of the damage that is more noticeable.   So, I developed the Youth Enhancing Kit with that in mind.  Here’s how it works and why it will help your skin to look more radiant.

The Amino-Lift™ Peptide Complex is your first line of defense, combining amino acids and plant-derived neuropeptides, as well as oat kernel extract.

How it helps your skin:

Amino acids repair and stimulate new cell growth, causing collagen and elastin to be produced .  As we age, we become deficient in these important acids, making our skin thinner, less able to retain water, and more prone to wrinkles.  The Amino-Lift™ Peptide Complex introduces amino acids back into your skin, helping cell growth and smoothing wrinkles.

Oats have long been used as salves and skin treatments for their amazing abilities to treat acne, eczema, dermatitis, and other inflammations of the skin.  If you ever had chicken pox when you were a child, your parents might have given you an oat bath to take away some of the itching.  Gentle enough for almost all skin types, this amazing ingredient is a natural way to soothe and hydrate irritated skin.

 The Line Filler is made up of Atelocollagen, Pullulan, black tea, and nylon-12 silica.

How it helps your skin:

Atelocollagen  is a solution of collagen (a fibrous protein essential for skin elasticity)that hydrates and makes the skin thicker where it has thinned from aging.  This is important in lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which are often caused by lack of collagen.

Pullulan   is made from a fermentation process and has antioxidant properties, and helps to tighten skin when applied.

Black tea:  My background in Chinese medicine has always influenced my skin treatments.  Black tea has been used as an astringent and as a powerful antioxidant for many years.  In addition to that, I added it to my Line Filler for it’s skin-tightening properties.

The Lip Treatment  is specially formulated with oligopeptides, natural avocado oil, and a powerful vitamin blend.

How it helps your skin:

Oligopeptides are quite simply; a mixture of amino acids.  We’ve already discussed the importance of amino acids and their connection with youthful-looking skin, but this is specifically designed for the delicate skin of your lips.

Avocado Oil :  We all know that avocados are excellent “healthy fats” in our diets, but their oil is also a great collagen stimulator and a strong moisturizer, which is easily absorbed into the deep tissue of the skin, making more of an impact, especially in older, dryer skin.  Also used for eczema or psoriasis, this natural wonder is safe and gentle enough for most skin types.

Eyebright Intensive Eye Crème incorporates peptides and botanical extractions and is designed specifically for the skin around your eyes.

How it helps your skin:

Peptides are polymers from amino acids that are linked together with peptide bonds.  Our peptides in particular are specially designed to strengthen veins and capillaries, reduce swelling, and improve the coloration around the eyes.   Also known for protecting elastin (a protein in the connective tissue of your skin that helps your skin maintain it’s elasticity) and collagen.

Botanical Extracts come from a variety of sources and are used as natural moisturizers and anti-inflammatory agents.

We hope you liked this run down of how the Youth Enhancing Kit works!  Look for other Product Highlight blogs where we will explain the science behind the salves!

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