Everyone seems to have their own preferences for dealing with skin care depending upon their age and skin type. Learn about the skin stories from these young women and how they’ve learned to manage their own skin care.

Skin Stories


Sarah is 21 years of age and has dry skin, which is sensitive and prone to acne. Because of her particular type of skin, Sarah has learned to get recommendations from friends and read online reviews before making skin product purchases.

She prefers to exfoliate her skin, uses moisturizing masks and gets microdermabrasion treatments to make her skin smooth.


Shanelle is 26 and has combination skin, which can be problematic with acne breakouts. After experimenting, she has gotten rid of skincare products full of fancy ingredients and switched to products containing natural ingredients.

She is a firm believer in sunscreen and is considering anti-wrinkle products.


Chelsea has dry skin and uses a foaming wash and applies facial toner. In addition, she applies a face cream with SPF and adds just a drop of reviving concentrate.

In the future, she plans to explore the benefits of hydrating masks to wear overnight, which can soften the skin and help to prevent aging signs.

In essence, all these young women have learned to watch ingredients, experiment and use the right products for their skin types.

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