If you aren’t a girlie girl, then perhaps you may have shared some of your man’s grooming products and discovered there are many that are just as good for women as they are for men. Here is a short list of men’s grooming products that work just as well for women.

  • Shaving Cream—┬áIt should come as no surprise that this is on our list. Not only do men’s shaving cream provide a great foam for gentle shaving, they won’t wash away like some of the “gentler” brands for women. We recommend Barbasol.
  • Razor— As long as you are using his shaving cream, you might as well use his razor too. Men’s razors are created to hug curves so they are perfect for legs and underarms.
  • Hair Care Defining Paste— While you wouldn’t want to do your entire length of your hair, using a bit on your ends will help keep them defined.
  • Deodorant— Enjoy the sultry spice of your man’s deodorant. A swipe or two will give you long lasting protection.
  • Lip Balm— unlike other men’s grooming products women can use, Lip Balm is pretty much gender neutral. Kiehl’s lip balm is perfect for priming your lips for your favorite color.
  • Facial Scrub by Anthony— Packed with soothing aloe and exfoliating white sand, this manly scrub can tackle your tough acne and leave your skin silky smooth.


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