Call it “glistening,” call it “shining,” but whatever you call it, it’s just good old fashioned sweat.  Nobody likes sweat stains on their clothing and it can ruin an otherwise perfectly good make-up application, but sweat is necessary to keep your body healthy.

The most important function of sweat is to keep your body temperature regulated.  When your body temperature rises, sweat comes out of your pores to cool you down.   This could be on a hot day, when you’re working out, or even when you have a fever.  Sweat is your own natural cooling system.

Sweat can also help rid your body of toxins.  Some people use saunas or bikram yoga to detox, the main factor being an abundance of sweat to release toxins.  Although your liver and kidneys do most of the detoxification of your body, many people swear by sweating away what ails them.  Of course, whichever side of the debate you are on, make sure you drink enough water which both replaces what you lose when you’re sweating and also helps you maintain good kidney function.

Because of it’s detoxing effects, sweat can also help your skin.  Any chance you have to get pesticides and other free radicals out of your system can only benefit your skin.  Some people have reported minor irritations after detoxing, followed by better, more radiant skin, so there is some evidence that sweat can improve your skin’s health.

Some people claim that sweat can contribute to acne.  This is only partially true.  Acne is formed from dirt and dry skin getting trapped in your pores where a small infection then grows.  Sweat can contribute to this in some instances (as noted in our Q & A from last week), especially if there is some sort of extra irritant involved.  Often times, athletes who wear helmets or even the rubbing of a sports bra mixed with sweat from working out can cause acne right where the material meets the flesh.  This could mean that your clothes are too tight, but otherwise, make sure you cleanse your skin before and after a workout for the best protection.

Does your skin get irritated from sweating?  Have you noticed any positive things that came from saunas or bikram?  Leave your comments here!

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