Once looked on as a luxury, cosmetic surgery has never been so mainstream.   Some procedures are even outpatient and can be done in the span of a lunch break.  Any way you look at it, procedures can still be damaging to your skin and extra care must be taken after a session to make sure you aid your healing process and keep the quality of your skin at its peak so that it looks wonderful after you heal.

First off, you have to read the information packet and heed the advice of your plastic surgeon.  They know what’s best.  Always check with him or her first!

That being said, there are some things you can do to pump up your skin health while you’re healing.

1)       Feed your skin!  We’ve extolled the virtues of veggies and fruits to make sure your get the building blocks your skin needs to repair itself.  Now it’s really time to go for it!  If you feel like your diet is still lacking, get vitamin supplements.  The most important nutrients you need now are vitamins E, A, C, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc.

2)      Stay out of the sun!  When your skin is at it’s most tender, you really need to just stay in the shade.  Normal, healthy skin can handle the sun when you’re wearing sunscreen, but you better not risk it when the skin is damaged.  Make sure you replace the vitamin D you’re missing with some fortified milk or soymilk, oily fish (such as tuna, salmon, or sardines), or egg yolks.

3)        Get a mild facial!  Make sure your aesthetician knows the best and most soothing ingredients to use.  Look for Echinacea, and Burberry, which calm and also help rejuvenate the skin.

4)      Take it easy!  You’re not going to get back to your routine right away.  Rest is an important part of any healing in the body.  When you are sleep, your body is able to devote more attention to cell repair, which includes any skin damage.  That’s why it’s called “Beauty Sleep!”

What has your experience been with healing after surgery?  Were there any tricks that soothed your skin?  Please leave comments below!

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