If there is a new year’s resolution you should make this year, then let it be to take better care of your skin. It could be to improve the current routine or just simply not sleeping with your makeup on. The following skin care trends for 2016 could be exactly what you need to add to your beauty goals.

  1. Have makeup with skincare benefits

Makeup that is also able to give your skin the needed boost has been around for a long time, thus leading to advancements in the products. According to Bustle https://goo.gl/a4jfnL, trends like the oxygen infused makeup is even a better option.

  1. SPF on everything

It is vital that you incorporate SPF into the other aspects of your skincare routine, not only on your face. The SPF products are not only to be applied in the summer but also the winter season.

  1. Facial cleansing brush

According to Bustle https://goo.gl/a4jfnL, a cleansing brush can get rid of the harmful pollutants found on your skin. Additionally, the brush can activate the skincare product better than using your hands.

  1. Try natural products

Most of the skincare products in the market have very harsh chemicals that tend to do harm to your skin. In this regard, try exchange out your parabens with something that will work naturally on your skin.

  1. Try some multi-taskers

It turns out you can get away with a multitasked routine. Instead of filling your face with products why not, use one item that can accomplish the multistep at once.

  1. Bubble masks

The bubble mask is a Korean beauty product that is taking over the world, according to Bustle https://goo.gl/a4jfnL. The mask uses charcoal to act as your makeup remover as it cleanses your pores.

  1. Magic water drops

The magic water drops can optimize your skin’s ability in absorbing moisture. Therefore, if you are looking to hydrate your skin or just get the most out of other products, then this is the skin care trends for 2016.

  1. Try the anti-pollution product

Other than protecting your skin from the UV rays, you need to protect your skin from pollution exposure. The reason being, pollution destroys your skin’s keratin and is a primary cause of premature aging.

  1. Boosters

As far as skin care goes, a booster is the icing on the cake. You can use it either on its own or with your foundation just to add a little nourishment to your skin.

  1. Sheet masks

It has been a hot commodity in the skin care world, to make it even better they are available in different types including fruit, charcoal, and seaweed.


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