One of the hardest parts of staying healthy is the enormous effort it can sometimes require. A lot of people struggle with the sacrifices they must make to stay healthy. But here’s some great news: Beach days are one thing you will never have to give up! Find out why going to the beach is the perfect way to relax and treat your body well at the same time:

First of all, the sand. The first plus of a day in the sand is the exfoliation. Sand rubs away any dead skin cells on your body and leaves your skin soft and new. Not only does the sand work exfoliating wonders on your skin, but the muscles required to walk down the beach and dip your toes in the water are much more of a work out than the average stroll!

Secondly, the salty ocean water. Salt is a cleanser. Salt is known to clear away acne, heal cuts or scars, and clear out any build up in your sinuses. Even the oils, chemicals and dandruff in your hair can be released by a nice salt water cleanse! And just like walking in the sand, swimming is an incredible work out that is soft on your joints while still working unique muscle groups that aren’t used as much in normal life.

Last, but not least, a sunny day is a happy day. We’ve all heard about the dangers of too much sun, but slick on a little Visage De Layla SPF 25, and you’re set! Getting some sun every day is great for providing your body with Vitamin D and can even affect your mood!

So next time you feel guilty for a day off at the beach- don’t! Your body will thank you.

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