We all know that facials feel great and make us feel pampered and refreshed, but they are also extremely beneficial for other reasons. 

Identify Your Skin Type

 In a world awash with products and procedures, it’s difficult to know which ones are best for you.  One of the benefits of going to an aesthetician is that you’ll get an experienced opinion on your skin type.  There are a wide range of skin types including, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive;  just to name a few.  Your aesthetician will be able to diagnose your type and more accurately recommend the kind of products you should be using and how often you should be using them.  Sometimes, skin issues are simply a matter of using the wrong product or the right product the wrong amount of times.  Work with your aesthetician to find a daily care plan in between spa visits that works for you.

You Vascular System Will Thank You

Leave it to a great facial or body treatment to get that blood flowing!  Your aesthetician is using professional grade treatments and it shows.  More nutrients are delivered to your skin cells, nourishing them and helping them to fight free radicals.  Toxins are also released and flushed out of your system, leaving your skin cleaner, healthier, and less prone to infection.  Because of this, the moisturizing ingredients in your facial can penetrate deeper and have more influence on more skin cells, leaving your skin soft and refreshed.   That glow you see afterwards is not only an indication of healthier skin, but also of younger looking skin.

They Can Reveal Health Problems

Skin problems can sometimes be an indicator of more serious health issues.  But, if you’re not taking care of your skin regularly, it’s easy to dismiss these symptoms as “bad skin” instead of a sign of something more menacing.  If you take care of your skin and your skin problems persist, it could be a clearer signal that you might need to see a doctor.  For example, extremely dry skin that comes off in large flakes (called “scaling”) can be a sign of hypoparathyroidism, ringworm, or psoriasis.  We’re not trying to scare you, but if you have persistent dry skin like this, it’s better to see a doctor sooner rather than later, especially if you’ve been trying to treat it with conventional means to no avail.  Although an aesthetician cannot diagnose these kinds of issues, he or she can certainly bring them to your attention if repeated attempts to help the problem with treatments don’t succeed.  The rest is up to you and your physician.

How often do you get facials?  What type of benefits have you seen from getting regular facials?

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